If You Have a Deep Desire to Master the
Craft of Acting...

Train with Larry online & learn to be simple, authentic and human. Become the actor, directors pray will walk through their door.

Mastery Mentorship Training, Level One

This is our Level One course for actors! We know that to be a working actor, you need a dependable & human way of working.

Learn Larry's effective & proven techniques & become confident in your craft... The confidence that when you walk into the audition room, you will give the performance of a lifetime. Bring a depth of reality & aliveness to your work that has the director saying, "Yes, I want to work with you."...

Mastery Teacher Certificate Program

A comprehensive, experiential mentorship program for Acting Teachers, where you learn how to do & to teach advanced acting skills online or in person.

A Rigorous 16 weeks of training! Includes 16 weeks of pre-recorded lessons and 16 one-on-one sessions with Larry via Zoom. Earn your Mastery teaching Certificate from our True Acting Institute...

Mastery Mentorship Training, Level Two

The skills you will be learning in the Advanced Mastery Program are not only the heart of working on stage, these are the most vital and essential skills you must learn to be effective auditioning for film and working in front of the camera.

 You will now have the tools to be simple & authentic in front of
the camera & how to bring meaning & aliveness to your work... 

International Blended Acting Programs 

Study with Master Teacher, Larry Silverberg, in his rigorous online training program while working in person, in acting studios around the world, with Larry's Designated Meisner Teachers.

Larry and his chosen teachers have a long collaboration and the teachers are an elite group of teaching artists certified by Larry...

You can study with Larry online!

 Train with Larry and learn to be simple, authentic and human...

Become the actor directors
hope will walk through their door.

Larry's Newest Book, Meisner Complete
Here's the review from Midwest Book Reviews...

"Larry Silverberg is arguably the foremost master acting teacher of our time. He is especially renowned for his best selling books on the Meisner Approach to acting.

In "Meisner Complete", Silverberg provides aspiring actors and acting teachers with a complete update of his previous four Meisner workbooks. With "Meisner Complete", even the most novice of acting students can learn a lot by a simple reading, or just doing the exercises and venturing into the unknown -- the creative zone.

Expertly written and thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "Meisner Complete" is an ideal acting class curriculum textbook and especially recommended for personal, professional, community, and academic library Performing Arts collections and supplemental studies lists."

Top Rated Courses

Access hundreds of hours of amazing, in-depth courses including hours of rigorous, step-by-step instructions and much more from Larry Silverberg.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

Professional & Powerful Training

Learn Larry's most effective approaches to the art and craft of acting in ways that will lead you to become a true artist of the stage and screen!